Our Story of Success Part 2

“As much as I want this business to succeed, I also want to lift up the people on my team so that they can find their own success along the way.”

– Leah Glover Hayes

Our Story of Success

Her Story of Success began out of CEO Leah Glover Hayes’ desire to grow in her own career and find mentors who could help her on her journey. Through the process of searching for direction and purpose, Leah realized that something powerful happens when you get to hear stories, lessons learned and celebrations from other women. She created Her Story of Success to multiply the amazing conversations she was having, so that women like her could access new mentorship and the women she interviewed could multiply their legacies. 

Soon after launching the podcast in 2018, Leah began receiving overwhelming feedback about the positive impact these interviews were having on the lives of her listeners. She knew her dreams had even bigger potential and decided to expand the brand and multiply the reach of Her Story of Success. It was then that she asked Melissa Aldridge to join the company, bringing over a decade of business strategy, finance, and operations experience to Leah’s vision and tenacity.

With this two-part Our Story of Success series, Leah will share the story of how Her Story of Success came to be, and she offers advice and inspiration to listeners who are building their own businesses or looking to find more fulfillment in their lives and work. 

In This Episode:

Leah explains how she built the team behind Her Story of Success and is continuing to grow the company to empower women around the world. She also offers advice to business owners about the importance of outsourcing, how to build loyalty with your team, and why clarity is one of the most important things you can provide.

Episode Highlights: 

  • Moving on from a vendor that isn’t the perfect fit 
  • Building a team that believes in your vision (with Claire Bidigare-Curtis and Bronte Lebo)
  • How to help your employees succeed and grow
  • The difference between outsourcing for specific skill sets and outsourcing for clarity
  • Overcoming self-doubt and learning to celebrate your own success

Episode Transcript

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