The Importance of Raising Your Hand

“If there’s an opportunity within your company, even if it’s out of your comfort zone, go for it, try it. You’re not going to know until you try.”

-Retta Gardner

Her Story of Success…

Retta Gardner’s career proves that you don’t have to leap from company to company to work your way to the top. For more than two decades, Retta has stayed with Guaranty Trust Mortgage Co., one of the top 100 mortgage companies in the U.S., making herself visible along the way and seeking out challenging new assignments whenever she could. She’s now CEO of the billion-dollar mortgage lender, and she credits a strong work ethic and continuous learning as key factors in her rise to the top.

About This Episode…

Retta gets real about leaving a newborn baby to go back to work and shares her thoughts on the importance of taking credit for your own ideas, what she learned from her predecessor as CEO and the best way to deliver bad news.