Rita Mitchell: Overcoming the Nos

“Your power is your gifts, your talent, your brand, your network, your skills, your knowledge, and that belongs to you.”

-Rita P. Mitchell

Her Story of Success…

Rita Mitchell summarizes her story with one word – determination. And her career proves it. A 35 year veteran of the financial services industry, Rita went from being told she didn’t have enough experience to be a waitress at Red Lobster to a top executive at First Tennessee Bank, breaking barriers at every step along the way. In that time, she passed the Series 7 broker exam with a 6 month old baby, started her own financial advisory company, and left all of her doubters in the dust.

About This Episode…

In this special live episode, Rita talks about the struggles of being an African-American female in a traditionally male-dominated industry, the value of recognizing your potential, and how the succession of “nos” she faced motivated her to teach other women to say yes to opportunity.