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Live Interview with Maggie Tucker

Maggie Tucker opens up about the difficulties she’s faced as a small business owner during COVID-19 and explains how she’s shifted her operations to stay in business.

Marketing Strategy for the Next Phase

Nekasha Pratt offers practical advice for marketing during COVID-19 and breaks down some of the basics around developing a marketing strategy, knowing when to outsource, and staying flexible with your plans. 

Controlling the Narrative of COVID-19 with Nina Stanley

Nina Stanley explains how her team at MOD has been proactive about engaging with clients and tackling the new challenges of virtual work during COVID-19.

Controlling the Narrative of COVID-19 with Marcie Allen Van Mol

Marcie explains how she’s served the community during COVID-19 by pivoting her business and adding new services. She also talks about leaning on her team for support and parenting in the midst of coronavirus.

Controlling the Narrative of COVID-19 with Angela Proffitt

Angela shares her story of creating multiple businesses that help companies stay productive and reach their goals, and she explains how she created programs to make live events virtual and help companies take their businesses online to keep earning revenue in the midst of COVID-19.