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Controlling the Narrative of COVID-19 with Christine Owenell

Christine Owenell shares how she’s helping executives navigate the unknowns while also adapting to working from home with two young children.

Choosing Happiness with Joy Altimare

As the only woman and the only person of color on her company’s executive team, Joy knows how hard it can be to deal with discrimination in the workplace, but she hasn’t let that stop her. She’s built her life and career on her own terms. As a working mom in NYC, Joy understands the importance of surrounding herself with a tribe of amazing women and has learned that the choices she makes for her family might look different than how she was raised.

Becoming a Self-Aware Leader

Terry Humphrey, CPC is an executive coach that helps people develop the skills and mindset they need to adapt and compete in today’s constantly changing business world. Terry’s story is great for anyone focused on leadership or personal development. She is passionate about helping people find deeper satisfaction and personal fulfillment. For Terry, that includes taking time to rest and enjoy life while still achieving great results in the workplace. She’s full of so much wisdom and practical guidance, which allows her to help leaders find new levels of success, whether they’re stepping into a position, dealing with organizational change or just looking to get better results.

Building a Tribe to Change the World

As an experienced mentor and leader, Pat has seen many women struggle with comparison and negative thinking, and she explains how she works to overcome that struggle in her own life. Pat also offers encouragement to listeners about the value of radical generosity, shares the books and podcasts that have impacted her the most, such as anything Brene Brown and Michal Singer, and she encourages women to find success by being present in every moment.

Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

Executive Coach Jennifer Faught shares examples of how she helps clients take the steps to find growth and new opportunity by stepping forward into areas of out of their comfort zone. She and Leah also discuss the dangers of giving advice and what to do instead.