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Live Interview with Maggie Tucker

Maggie Tucker opens up about the difficulties she’s faced as a small business owner during COVID-19 and explains how she’s shifted her operations to stay in business.

Marketing Strategy for the Next Phase

Nekasha Pratt offers practical advice for marketing during COVID-19 and breaks down some of the basics around developing a marketing strategy, knowing when to outsource, and staying flexible with your plans. 

Controlling the Narrative of COVID-19 with Nicole Wegman

Nicole Wegman shares how she’s staying calm in the midst of COVID-19 and offers perspective into the tentative plans for re-opening that many businesses are starting to consider. 

Controlling the Narrative of COVID-19 with Gail Peace

Gail Peace explains how she’s navigating COVID-19 as a small business owner, meeting important needs in the healthcare industry, and learning from the unusual circumstances of coronavirus.

Controlling the Narrative of COVID-19 with Christine Owenell

Christine Owenell shares how she’s helping executives navigate the unknowns while also adapting to working from home with two young children.

Controlling the Narrative of COVID-19 with Nina Stanley

Nina Stanley explains how her team at MOD has been proactive about engaging with clients and tackling the new challenges of virtual work during COVID-19.