Taking the Next Best Step with Shannon Litton

 “My life is so much bigger and better and fuller than I ever knew to dream.”

– Shannon Litton

Her Story of Success…

Shannon Litton thought she’d spend her whole career working as an English teacher, but when she fell in love with marketing and kept moving forward with the opportunities presented to her, she eventually decided to start her own agency. Today, Shannon is president and CEO of 5by5, a marketing and digital agency which serves change makers and delivers messages with undeniable clarity, reach and results. 5by5 was named to the Inc 5000 list for 2018, 2019 and 2020, and it was named a Nashville Business Journal Best Place to Work in 2017 and 2018. 

Shannon has worked on technology, social media, branding and communications for hundreds of organizations including the Christian Leadership Alliance, Amazima, LifeWay, the United Methodist Church and more. She’s also a speaker on leadership, marketing, branding and business strategy.

In This Episode: Shannon describes the unexpected career journey that led her to create 5by5. She also shares practical examples of what it looks like to put people first, give back as a business leader, and manage your schedule as a busy working mom.

Episode Highlights:

  • Taking the next best step (2:47)
  • Managing your schedule as a working mom (11:28)
  • Drawing inspiration from other women (22:22)
  • The importance of off-boarding employees (27:04)
  • Giving back as a business owner (32:26)

Episode Transcript

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