The Power of Resilience with Brittany Cole

“The title that I am renting right now is temporary. It is not who I am… I know my value, I know my worth.”

– Brittany Cole

Her Story of Success…

Career Thrivers Founder Brittany Cole believes every experience is an opportunity for continuous improvement, and she brings that attitude into all of her work as a speaker, coach and consultant. At Career Thrivers, Brittany partners with organizations to engage, develop and retain diverse talent through targeted leadership development. She’s also a TEDx speaker and host of the Career Thrivers Podcast

Before starting her company, Brittany spent 12 years working at Pfizer, where she started as an intern and grew to become a high level sales and marketing leader. In August of 2019, she left the security of that job to start her own venture, because she wanted to spend more time pursuing her passion of helping others grow and thrive. Brittany also brings that passion to her local community, serving as a mentor for Pathway Women’s Business Center, the marketing director for NSN Nashville and a coach for TEDxNashville. 

Brittany’s decision to take the leap into entrepreneurship was a difficult one, and she shares how experiencing grief and loss transformed her into a person who had a new perspective on her purpose in life. As a highly respected thought leader around diversity, inclusion and equity, Brittany also offers her perspective on some of the challenges women of color face in the workplace, and she gives advice to leaders who are looking to intentionally create more safe and inclusive environments. 

In This Episode:

Brittany shares some of the biggest lessons she’s learned about career and family while working in corporate America and starting her own company. She also discusses the importance of allyship in the workplace and provides practical advice for anyone looking to build greater inclusivity in their organization.

Episode Highlights:

  • How Brittany decided to take the leap and start her own company
  • Defining diversity, inclusion and equity
  • The six components of allyship in the workplace and why it matters
  • The importance of allowing yourself to grieve losses in career and family
  • How Brittany’s husband has been her biggest champion
  • What it means to redefine resilience and learn from loss

Resources Brittany Mentioned:

Episode Transcript

Non-Profit Spotlight: Girl, unKnown Inc. provides hygiene and education for disadvantaged girls around the United States. They also hold educational events to spread awareness about women’s issues and highlight some of the amazing things women are achieving all around the world. 

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