Our top 10 lessons on creating your own success

Looking for a quick dose of inspiration as you start the new year? Join us for a rundown of the top 10 lessons we’ve learned in our first year of conversations with successful women. We distill the hard-won wisdom these guests have shared and reflect on what it takes to reach the top while doing what you love. If you have big dreams and goals for 2019, don’t miss this look back at 22 amazing women who’ve achieved their own version of success!

We identify the themes that keep popping up in our interviews — from perseverance to the importance of exploring and trying new things. We look at how the definition of success changes over the course of a career and the strategies women use for combining work and family. And here’s a point that will resonate with those stuck in less-than-desirable jobs: several podcast guests have pointed out that hating their jobs motivated them to make a major change. It’s never too late to find a new direction — success could be just around the corner!