Unlocking Contentment with Leisse Wilcox

“Our emotions are all these feelings that are constantly giving us feedback as to what still needs to be healed. And when we heal it, we show up differently.”

– Leisse Wilcox

Her Story of Success…

Leisse Wilcox believes the key to greater contentment is found through healing your relationship with yourself. She’s a coach who works with high-achieving, purpose-driven women, and she’s changing the global conversation around self-love and emotional health. Leisse is also a TedX speaker, podcast host, certified NLP practitioner, and author of To Call Myself Beloved: A Story of Hope, Healing and Coming Home. She’s been featured on season 2 of Amazon Prime’s The Social Movement and interviewed for media outlets including ABC, The Toronto Star, NPR and Thrive Global. 

Leisse’s deep understanding of the human experience comes not only from her education, but also from her ability to turn difficult experiences like divorce, narcissistic abuse and breast cancer into something beautiful. Because of her own experience of learning to love and accept herself, she’s uniquely equipped to help other women do the same. 

In This Episode: 

Leisse shares inspirational advice for how you can start healing your relationship with yourself and live in alignment with your deepest values. She also explains why working with a coach can help you find greater fulfillment as an entrepreneur, and she shares her story of growing her coaching business by investing in herself and her career. 

Episode Highlights:

  • What to do when you realize you’re still feeling discontent in spite of your success
  • How to scale with intention while staying aligned with your values
  • Understanding your limiting beliefs 
  • Leisse’s process of writing To Call Myself Beloved
  • Expanding your business as a solopreneur
  • The power of investing in yourself 

Episode Transcript

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