Activating Your Own Potential

“The best part of being great is doing it ugly. Don’t fall into perfectionism and procrastination, do it messy and still put it out there.”

-Lucinda Cross

Lucinda Cross wears many hats in business, but all of them center around her passion for empowering women to reach new levels of success. She’s the Founder and President of Activate Worldwide, a small business consulting firm that caters specifically to women. She also sells vision board kits and is an acclaimed author, keynote speaker and educator. Lucinda has worked with brands like NIKE and TJ Maxx to host women and youth empowerment programs, and her work has been featured in ESSENCE, The New York Times, CNN, BET and more. Lucinda also created a nonprofit organization called Activate Your Life, which helps women re-enter their communities and become entrepreneurs after being involved in the Department of Justice System. 

Lucinda always felt passionate about business and marketing, but it took her years to realize that she needed to stop doing behind the scenes work for other, successful entrepreneurs and start activating her own power as a speaker, leader and marketer. She rebranded her entire company around the idea that she was her own “best kept secret” and has built her success around empowering other women to embrace their own talents and abilities.

In This Episode: 

Lucinda tells her inspiring story of learning to take credit for her work and stop limiting herself. She also opens up about some of the biggest struggles she faced and lessons she learned in the process, from practical concerns such as delegation to larger issues like making the money she deserves in a male-dominated field. 

Episode Highlights:

  • Lucinda’s story of realizing she was a “best kept secret” and deciding to start her own company
  • The power of mentorship and putting in sweat equity while starting your business
  • Recognizing what you need to delegate and finding the right team to support your growth
  • Empowering women to reach new levels of success in male-dominated industries
  • Envisioning your wildest dreams and making them a reality 

Books and Resources Mentioned:

Episode Transcript

Non-Profit Spotlight: Activate Your Life works to celebrate, support, educate and connect women, helping them to integrate with their communities and re-enter the workforce after hardship and difficult transitions. They help women to rebuild, restore and re-invent themselves, all while promoting entrepreneurship as a means of economic advancement.

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