“No matter how hard you work, it’s not luck. It is truly your thoughts that make all the difference.”

-Diana Sumpter

Her Story of Success…

Diana Sumpter helps women design and live out their dream lives, and she believes it all starts with a positive mindset. She’s an author, motivational speaker, and Independent National Sales Director at Mary Kay, and she speaks and teaches all around the world. Diana started her career in the Air Force, but she left to join Mary Kay in search of a better life where she could work from home, make more money, and be happy all at the same time. That bold decision transformed her life, as the mentors and experiences she gained helped her to grow into the confident, powerful leader she is today. 

Diana’s first book, Step Out of the Box: Your Dream Life is Waiting, teaches women to “erase and replace” the old labels that have defined them and kept them from living their dream lives. She also developed IGNITE, a program designed to train and motivate church volunteers to encourage, equip, and energize their teams. 

Diana’s incredible story of transformation is a great example of how investing in your own life can inspire and motivate countless other women. She joins Leah on Her Story of Success to talk about how she moved past old mindsets and habits into living her dream life, and she shares helpful advice for how you can learn to do the same.

In This Episode:

Diana describes the process of transforming from a person who was controlled by negative mindsets and labels into a leader who’s living her dream life and speaking into the lives of others. She shares wisdom from her book about investing in yourself, and she talks about some of the biggest lessons she’s learned in her marriage. 

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Diana’s story of serving in the Air Force and then starting to work for Mary Kay 
  • Why your thoughts make the biggest difference in helping you reach your goals 
  • How to have a healthy marriage when you share different faiths 
  • The importance of surrounding yourself with uplifting people
  • How to erase and replace old labels so you can start to dream bigger
  • Finding a dream that impacts and inspires others

The books Diana and Leah mentioned:

Episode Transcript

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