Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

“Success for me is impact. It’s not money or title or [being a] business owner. Those are all amazing things, but it’s what you do with those things and the positive impact you have on people that I define as success.”

— Jennifer Faught

Her Story of Success…

 After selling her company, Jennifer Faught found herself with a loss of identity. Through internal work and with the help of a women’s mastermind group Jennifer found her passion in helping other succeed and became and executive coach with PETRA Coach. Jennifer finds fulfillment in helping business owners develop themselves and their employees personally as well as professionally to see the impact on the success of the business. 

Jennifer is a great example of what can happen when women take the time and effort to invest in themselves through coaching, finding a community, and doing the work of getting out of their comfort zones. She has so many great things to say for any leader or person who’s looking for new ways to grow and develop.

In This Episode: Jennifer explains how she helps leaders develop a growth mindset through her coaching work. She shares her journey of moving from healthcare to entrepreneurship to coaching, including the difficult process of finding her identity and her tribe after she sold her second company. Jennifer and Leah both believe it’s important to share experience instead of giving advice, and they break down the difference between the two to explain why that matters. 

When Jennifer decided to become a coach, she first had to overcome her limiting beliefs and a fear of failure, and she opens up about how that process gave her more confidence. Through coaching, she’s learned to get out of her comfort zone and she explains how she coaches others to do the same. Jennifer also teaches listeners how developing a one-page personal plan can help them find direction and know what type of coach they should hire. Leah and Jennifer discuss the things and people that have impacted them the most, from mentors and champions to books to self-care practices.