Leading a Company from a Woman’s Perspective

“When you have nothing to lose, you have everything to gain.”

-Marcie Allen

Her Story of Success…

Marcie Allen and Maria Aspan joined host, Leah Hayes for a lively and fun conversation recorded live in New York City where they discuss starting, running and growing a business from a woman’s perspective. They cover the types and amounts of financing needed at different business stages, common struggles of entrepreneurs, unique challenges women face as business owners, and why you need to start planning for your exit early. 

Marcie Allen is the Founder and CEO of MAC Presents, a music sponsorship and experiential agency that connects artists, brands and fans. She’s built an impressive portfolio of programs for brands including Sony, Southwest Airlines, AT&T, Microsoft, Capital One and more, and she’s worked with artists like Chance the Rapper, Lady Antebellum, Green Day and Billy Joel. 

Maria Aspan is the author of Startup Money Made Easy: The Inc. Guide to Every Financial Question About Starting, Running, and Growing Your Business. When we recorded this episode, she was working as the editor-at-large at Inc. Magazine, writing features about startups, finance, technology, gender and international business. She recently moved to Fortune, where she is a senior writer covering finance and the intersection of business and government policy.

In This Episode:

  • Maria talks about the inspiration behind her book and some of the important lessons it teaches (4:50),
  • Marcie shares her story of building a company culture that empowers employees to grow and move on to other jobs (7:05).
  • Marcie and Maria discuss some of the common problems business owners face, especially when it comes to cash flow and lending (13:54).
  • Maria offers insight into the challenges that come from running a business as it expands (23:52).
  • Marcie describes how she learned to overcome these challenges and take things one day at a time (25:05),
  • Marcie shares some of her favorite things about owning her own business (28:12).
  • Maria also gives advice about how to plan and save for retirement even when your business is just starting out (42:20).
  • Marcie emphasizes the importance of loving the work she does (44:15).