Believing in Yourself with Bailey Spaulding

“Everything is just done by human beings, and there’s no reason why someone else can do something that you can’t.”

– Bailey Spaulding

Her Story of Success…

Bailey Spaulding first fell in love with homebrewing while attending Vanderbilt Law School, and she decided to start working toward opening her own brewery after graduation. Along with co-founder Robyn Virball, who Bailey met while studying abroad in Scotland, she started Jackalope Brewing Company in 2011. Since then, the company has grown tremendously, opening a second taproom and brewery in Nashville, becoming the first Nashville craft brewery to can its own beer, and distributing to New York, Vermont and Arkansas. Jackalope is also committed to sustainability, with innovative practices like the CO2 recapture system they use to make their beer while minimizing waste. 

In This Episode: Bailey shares her story of deciding to pursue her passion and building a successful, woman-owned brewing company. She also opens up about the behind-the-scenes realities of running a business, from finding the right partner to becoming a working mom to pivoting during COVID-19.

Episode Highlights:

  • Finding the right business partner (4:36)
  • Embracing new opportunities during COVID-19 (8:54)
  • Starting a family while running a business (22:08)
  • How to deal with guilt as a working mom (25:35)
  • The importance of strong peer mentors when starting a business (27:36)

Episode Transcript

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