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Philanthropy benefits all, including the giver

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” -Gandhi Last Sunday was National Philanthropy Day. This day that is set aside each year to celebrate the impact philanthropy has in our country is one of my favorites. Officially, philanthropy includes the “giving” of one’s time, money, knowledge, or talent […]

Creating Inclusive Spaces with TRILUNA Wellness

 “Health and wellness are social justice issues… not everyone has the same level of access.” – Elizabeth Moore Her Story of Success… When Ashley Brooke James and Elizabeth Moore first became interested in wellness, they both struggled to feel like they belonged in a space that seemed dominated by thin, white women. Elizabeth was recovering […]

Championing Fearlessness & Vulnerability

“Everyone has their own skillset, they just need someone to take out the highlighter pen.” – Leslie DiPiero

Pushing Past the Obstacles to Success

“I can’t tell you why patients like myself recover and some don’t. Once we crack that code . . . then I can take a big step back and say we did it.” – Jessica Harthcock

Holly Coltea

“With everything you do away from your children, you always intrinsically ask yourself, is this better than being at home with my kids?” – Holly Coltea