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Becoming the Best Version of Yourself

Melissa N. Aldridge is the Director of Corporate Strategy and Development for  Unum Group and the new COO and CFO of Her Story of Success. These roles allow her to fulfil her twin passions of deriving actionable insights to transform businesses and positively impacting women and families.

Leading a Company from a Woman’s Perspective

Marcie Allen and Maria Aspan joined host, Leah Hayes for a lively and fun conversation recorded live in New York City where they discuss starting, running and growing a business from a woman’s perspective. They cover the types and amounts of financing needed at different business stages, common struggles of entrepreneurs, unique challenges women face as business owners, and why you need to start planning for your exit early.

Choosing Happiness with Joy Altimare

As the only woman and the only person of color on her company’s executive team, Joy knows how hard it can be to deal with discrimination in the workplace, but she hasn’t let that stop her. She’s built her life and career on her own terms. As a working mom in NYC, Joy understands the importance of surrounding herself with a tribe of amazing women and has learned that the choices she makes for her family might look different than how she was raised.

Becoming a Self-Aware Leader

Terry Humphrey, CPC is an executive coach that helps people develop the skills and mindset they need to adapt and compete in today’s constantly changing business world. Terry’s story is great for anyone focused on leadership or personal development. She is passionate about helping people find deeper satisfaction and personal fulfillment. For Terry, that includes taking time to rest and enjoy life while still achieving great results in the workplace. She’s full of so much wisdom and practical guidance, which allows her to help leaders find new levels of success, whether they’re stepping into a position, dealing with organizational change or just looking to get better results.

Leading from the Heart with Sarah Giblin

Sarah Giblin has seen firsthand the power of a great education, and she’s passionate about helping a diverse community of students have access to a great education. As the Managing Director of Schools at Valor Collegiate Academy, Sarah and her team are proving each day that any student can be successful no matter their ethnicity, socio-economic status, or background.

Dr. Lamees Hamdan: Creating Your Own Path

Dr. Lamees Hamdan struggled to find a safe and effective stretch mark oil to use while pregnant, she decided to make her own. That project grew into Shiffa, a luxury, organic skincare line that focuses on healing the skin from within. Dr. Lamees took a major risk when she left her job in the medical field to launch Shiffa, but her efforts paid off.